Weekly Love Horoscope,October 7 to October 13, 2019.



Aries, when things suddenly take a different direction in your relationship, the balance is disrupted and negative energies become apparent. Communication will play a major role this week to settle potential conflicts. This will be your strength this week. You will easily express your thoughts and feelings clearly, and resolutions will be achieved. When things are settled, move forward and refrain from digging up past issues, Aries.


Taurus, your intuition will be strong this week. In the relationship area, you can easily sense when a conflict is about to erupt, and this puts you in the position to address issues early on. If this looks like a regular occurrence, a third party observer may be needed. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice if your objective is to maintain a strong relationship. Take a breather and go out for a walk to cool down, Taurus.


Gemini, this could be an emotionally charged week for you. Depending on the situation, you will know if this can have a positive or a negative impact on you. What’s more important is how you handle the situation to direct the outcome to one that is favorable to you. It can take a lot of maturity to control your feelings. Focus on living in the present moment, appreciate what you have right now. Your partner fully supports you, Gemini.


Cancer, there is a strong calling to stay indoors and be productive at home. Invite your close friends over for a dinner party where you can relax after work. The energy passing through may help you communicate better with your partner. You might feel the need for comfort and security this week. Help your partner understand what you are longing for in your relationship. Harmony will be present the entire week, Cancer.


Leo, everything you plan for this week is highly achievable, and this will give you fulfillment. Make sure to have a list of your priorities and be sure that they are aligned with your goals. The key is to be determined to put in the hard work. Your partner will be extra supportive as you take big steps in your career, and life in general. It is always nice to have someone help you assess the risks you are about to take, Leo.


Virgo, setting realistic expectations saves you from potential heartaches. The less complications you have in your relationship, the simpler and happier you will be. Find out what gives you personal satisfaction and go for it. Being in a relationship also requires you to have an ounce of independence. Be able to enjoy doing things even without your partner being present. Help yourself grow and mature as an individual too, Virgo.


Libra, introduce something new in your daily routine to add a little variety and excitement in your life. When you feel that it is hard to get up every morning, it means that you are lacking in inspiration. Team up with your partner so both of you are aligned. Get creative and think outside the box. This can have a domino effect in all areas of your life. Do something now and see the fruits of your labor soon, Libra.


Scorpio, there is a strong chance of resolving an issue if you approach the situation in a calm and moderate manner. If you let your emotions make the decisions for you, you are likely to regret the outcome. Things can get heated and it is safe to suspect a confrontation. Take a moment to reorganise your thoughts and consider the feelings of your partner. Keep in mind that you are both on the same team, Scorpio.


Sagittarius, have a passive approach this week and see where life takes you. Let the energies passing through take you to situations where you can be a better version of yourself. There is nowhere to go but up, and this is also true in the case of your relationship. You could encounter challenges this week, so keep in mind that they are meant to strengthen your bond. Communicate clearly with your partner and stick with your goals, Sagittarius.


Capricorn, a strong foundation cannot easily be brought down by idle gossip. This week, put your time and energy into building a relationship that can be tried and tested over time. Once you acknowledge this key to success, you will be happy to put in the work and communicate as objectively as you can. You will witness the positive changes in your daily routine. It is amazing how little changes can work wonders in your relationship, Capricorn.


Aquarius, there could be an imbalance of energies this week. It could feel like you are always misunderstood even if your intentions are pure. Reconnecting with your closest friends may help pacify you. It is important to feel the support and love of those who care about you. When this is over, harmony will be restored. If there is one thing to be learned, it is to stay true with what your heart is telling you. There could be changes happening soon, Aquarius.


Pisces, a minor misunderstanding could have a snowball effect and lead to bigger trouble this week. Try to address the issue once you catch it to avoid this getting out of hand. Be careful with your choice of words. You may have pure intentions but your way of delivering your message could be hurtful to your partner. Sometimes, it is better to agree to disagree. Compromise, choose your battles to maintain peace and harmony, Pisces.


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