The Russian website Kolesa has a habit of being right on the money with its renderings. We already know exactly what the Mk8 VW Golf looks since it’s just weeks away from coming out. But what they’ve done is something else.

This is a vintage-style model, which looks like it combines elements from the Golf 7.5 with the R Line package and a classic Mk3 from three decades ago. We often say that Volkswagen has a bad habit of making too many niche cars. It just pulled the plug on the Beetle, which is also deeply retro. However, the German company is desperate to find every possible niche its customers might be interested in.

For example, it just revealed the T-Roc Cabriolet and officially confirmed the Arteon Shooting Brake, even though the idea didn’t work for Mercedes. But rumors do talk about a vintage Golf series being right around the corner.

If we remember correctly, Auto Bild and a second German website reported as such and had some interesting details worth sharing. For example, the model would arrive within the next couple of years and be underpinned by the outgoing Golf 7 platform. It would have limited features to make it more affordable, so in a way, it’s like a reaction to the competitive new Skoda Scala hatch.

The model may be called the “Golf Light” and offer everything a young/student buyer needs from around €10,000. The only engine available would be a 1-liter turbo with around 100 horsepower and a manual gearbox. No DSG, no TDI, no AWD. Besides taking customers from Skoda and Dacia, the model would come with the added benefit of pushing the Golf nameplate closer to the No.1 sales position, hotly contested by the Focus and Corolla.

Tell us what you think of Kolesa’s work and if you believe VW will go through with it.