Ladies and gentlemen drivers, by now, you might be a bit tired with all the stories talking about the 2020 Toyota Supra and its features. Well, let’s take things further and enter the (virtual, this time around) tuning realm, where the Japanese sportscar can take pretty much any form its owner wishes. And the Mk V Supra we have here is… a hot rod.

This is obviously a rendering, albeit one that’s extremely elaborate and showcases the virtual build from multiple angles (remember to use the swipe feature of the social media post showcasing the visual stunt for the full eye candy).

Now, certain aficionados out there might look at this pixel play and think it’s been taken too far. Well, that’s simply not true and the reason is simple – there are similar or even crazier builds in the real world.

For starters, Yasid Oozeear, the digital artist behind this render, sought insipiration in Fredrick Aasbo’s Mk IV Supra hot rod, an extreme contraption that showed up last fall – check this out in the second Instagram post below.

We’re talking about a Norwegian-born pro drifter who wanted to make use of the fourth-gen Supra’s aftermarket potential in a totally unexpected manner.

One of the most surprising parts of the slider’s project comes from the engine compartment, which is now exposed, since the familiar 2JZ-GTE that has earned the Supra its popularity among modders is absent. Instead, we’re dealing with a 2JZ-GE, a motor that delivers 220 hp and 210 lb-ft when in standard, N/A form. Of course, the athlete has added plenty of mods, such as a 3.4L stroker kit.

Oh, and let’s not forget the time when a Lamborghini Espada received a hot rod treatment, with its original V12 becoming exposed to the elements – this has to be the wackiest build we’ve featured to date.

Stephan Papadakis, who runs the racing team that Aasbo slides for, has taken apart the B58 motor of a 2020 Supra with the goal of taking the straight-six to 1,000 horsepower. So perhaps the pro driver will get his Supra hot rod drift car, albeit with the “original” engine rather than the one portrayed in the render we have here.