Taurus Love Horoscope for Thursday,October 10, 2019


You and your partner are very creative and talented and hence want to do certain experiments in the professional front. You guys are careful enough to even devise backup for yourselves. But it will be better if any one among the two of you guys goes ahead first; the other one should be there for restoring balance if anything unexpected crops up! There may be interference from numerous people who will be there actually to disrupt your wave or may give wrong advices to you.

It will be a bit difficult to identify them but you can. And then save yourself from these people by just paying no heed to what they say.Some of your past secrets related to finance may be revealed as well. You might have borrowed some debt and now banks will be after your life for recovering the amount. Your partner will be supportive to you but will be upset with you and this may later cause a strain in your life! Best is to re-pay and get rid of this issue.

This will cut down their worries and they do not have to take the pain of filling up for your expenses which you had hidden from them.Just engage yourself in what your partner is trying to tell you. They are correct and if you will not be co-operative with them then surely you are going to suffer and make your partner suffer as well.

Lucky colors: Rose red, yellow and teal blue.
Lucky numbers: 6, 33, 39, 44


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