Taurus Love Horoscope for Thursday, October 03, 2019


Health is going to take a toll on your love life today. You may have been planning a grand gesture or a major romantic holiday for quite some time. You have made elaborate plans which is quite unlike your normal routine, but a sudden health related problem can assume serious proportion today. It may be an illness or it may be an accident involving a serious injury and even a visit to the emergency room.

The health problem may not happen to you or your partner, but it will definitely involve someone so close to you that you will have to reschedule your plans. This may be a tough choice for you, but it is going to be a tougher break for your partner who has put a lot of expectation in this gesture.Your partner has been looking forward to your grand gesture. It is actually even more important to your partner than what you have been led to believe.

This health related interference is not going to go over so well and you can expect to be in the dog house for some considerable period of time. It is necessary that you recognize that the gesture held a special meaning for your partner and a cancellation at the last moment can have a devastating effect. You will have your own worries, but you cannot afford to ignore the hurt sentiments of your partner. So, get ready to make some serious amends for having completely messed up the plans of your partner through no fault of your own.

Lucky color: Red, scarlet, crimson, orange
Lucky number: 26, 15, 67, 82


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