Pisces Weekend Love Horoscope,October 18 to October 20, 2019.


Weekend Love Horoscope

Pisces, this weekend creates a friendly atmosphere where you can freely express yourself. You shouldn’t fear being judged by your loving partner. Relationships need to grow, so if you want to make this work, be willing to share yourself. Communication is a strong feature in your chart this weekend. Your hesitations will be quashed when you realise that you are actually gaining a positive response. Be confident with what you can offer, Pisces.

Single Pisces, let communication lines remain open if you want to meet new people and expand your circle. As you feel comfortable expressing yourself, you start to break the walls and earn the trust of those around you. If you are looking for love, someone may notice you for your warmth and openness. Don’t forget to spend some time to reconnect with your closest friends. Let your hair down and release all the stress you are feeling, Pisces.

DAILY Love Horoscope,Oct 20, 2019.

At last, you may finally experience some positive movement. This comes after a spell of inactivity concerning someone whom you have been too apprehensive to approach. Today you finally feel a surge of courage, and all you need to do is make sure that you don’t chicken out at the last moment. So pick up the phone, say hello, and just start talking. You will be so pleased you did.


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