Action 1 Restoration of Phoenix, based in Arizona, recently announced the addition of flood and water damage restoration services in preparation for the monsoon season. The company has made several efforts to develop a comprehensive list of services that will be at the disposal of Phoenix residents. Given that a prompt response from a qualified professional is crucial in the event of a flood or other similarly unfortunate circumstance, Action 1 believes in always being available when clients call upon them for assistance.

Eduardo Sapp, a representative of the company, asserts, “As the monsoon season arrives year after year, we seek new ways to help Phoenix residents get back on their feet with our repair services. We seek to respond immediately to calls for assistance, with a highly qualified team of experts who will help diminish the damage that a property sustains. We can generally have a team at your property within an hour after you contact us. Our expert staff will not only be able to handle the problem but also file your claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.”

Sapp says, “People often underestimate just how much damage water can do to their house’s structure. They believe that once everything has been drained, they are good to go, but that is far beyond the truth. More often than not, water-caused damage appears during the days or weeks following the actual flooding. Moisture can quickly build up and lead to mold, given favorable conditions, and it is something that can greatly harm one’s health if left without treatment.” Due to this, the company urges property owners to be vigilant and contact them immediately should they suspect water damage of any kind.

When it comes to water damage, Action 1 Restoration Phoenix says that flooding and major natural catastrophes are not the only events one should be wary of. Even minor leaks, such as those from an appliance hose or a small broken pipe, can lead to rot and mold growth over time. Sapp states, “You will usually notice a large broken pipe quickly, but a small leak in a pipe that’s hidden behind a wall can drip for years until the damage finally becomes apparent. Sometimes, when a wall is opened, it reveals a field of mold, mildew, and rot which also leads to airborne bacteria—possibly one of the reasons your family has been sick so frequently.”

To prevent minor water leaks and moisture from escalating into health issues that threaten an entire family, Action 1 Restoration Of Phoenix (in partnership with some of the best local contractors), ensure that they are always within reach of Phoenix residents. The company is considered one of the best water damage control and restoration companies in the area, a fact that is illustrated by the highly positive reviews they receive online.

Cole Smith, a local homeowner who was a victim of the past monsoon season, described his experience with the company, saying, “I contacted Action 1 Restoration thanks to the recommendations of an acquaintance of mine. My basement was completely flooded, and I did not know how to go about beginning to fix it as it is the first time something like this has happened to me. They were very reassuring and were able to guide and assist me throughout the restoration process, letting me know what they were doing. Once they finished the job, there was no trace of moisture left in my basement, nor did any appear in the months following their restoration. I do not know what I would have done without Action 1 Restoration, but I am certainly thankful that they are here to help.”

The company’s website has more information regarding all the Action 1 Restoration of Arizona locations, including a complete list of the areas that they cover. Interested parties may reach out to Eduardo Sapp, who will gladly answer any inquiries regarding the company’s services. Conveniently, the company offers free estimates to help their clients decide on a budget before diving into the restoration of their property.