The BMW Concept 4 is one of the most controversial cars to come out this year because of that grille. Call it a pig’s nose or an elephant’s trunk tip, it’s the kind of facial deformity that makes you stare for longer than you should.

To say that people don’t like it would be an understatement. However, doesn’t have that have as many coupe customers as it wants so it true to spice things up a bit with a grille that stretches vertically in a way that reminds you of the 1937 BMW 328 model. The production car will be toned down a little bit. However, the designers even a transparent number plate to let us know how things will sit.

People needed so time to get used to the Lexus RC, but they did, us included. And after the 3 Series, which is a real looker, we need to give BMW a little credit.

Now, after the normal 4 Series Coupe, BMW is going to develop the convertible or a 4-door. The i4 electric car is also part of this family now. But as usual, whenever there’s a hot new coupe concept out, people want to know what it looks like with a big rump.

X-Tomi Design created such a machine, the 4 Series Shooting Brake, which is a real shooting brake, unlike those pretender wagons. Outside of maybe the Zagato, nobody offers such a car right now, but a few companies came pretty close. Audi made several concepts based on the TT that looked like that. There was the Volvo Estate concept of 2014 and the Peugeot Instinct three years later. But do let us know if we missed any recent 2-door ones.

Of course, this car wouldn’t be as exciting were it not for the devilish M4, which we know will have up to 510 horsepower and a blisteringly fast AWD system. But that’s far down the road, while the normal 4 Series should be out within six months.