Libra Love Horoscope for Thursday,October 17, 2019


You are feeling especially creative and intelligent today and this creative energy will pervade every aspect of your life including your romantic partnerships. In general you tend to be quiet – even somewhat introvert. But today you are going to make a beautiful and thoughtful gesture for your partner which will demonstrate your true feelings. It can be quite an extravagant gesture or it can be something of a much lower key but which holds deep meaning for the two of you.

Whatever gesture you make ranging from cooking a special dinner to buying an extravagant gift – it will be something that is out of your character but which will nicely demonstrate your feelings.While your partner will be overwhelmed by your gesture, chances are high that he / she is going to take some time to adjust to the idea of you doing this for him / her.

Do not mistake the initial slowness of the reaction of your partner for disappointment or dislike. It is exactly the opposite in fact. Your partner had hoped and waited for a gesture like this from you, but you have never shown any inclination that you even realized this secret longing. So, when you come out with such a creative way of showing your love, your partner is going to require some time to adjust to this new side of you and express the joy he / she is feeling. The first reaction is going to be astonishment rather than happiness.

Lucky color: navy blue, olive, tan
Lucky number: 6, 76, 4


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