Your home and family are high on your mind today, Libra. You may also have matters related to a parent that you are working on. This is the call of the Capricorn Moon today, and you are working hard in a grounded and practical way. Change is in the works on all of these matters, even if it feels like today you are going nowhere fast with all of your big ideas. The Capricorn Moon in your fourth house of roots puts the emphasis on the home and family when it comes to this change. It’s easy to feel like you are doing all of the wrong things today, but that is far from the truth. The truth is you are doing everything right, even though it may not exactly feel this way today. A Venus and Uranus bicker in the same house today may send some unexpected surprises at home. But this is loving energy that can send fun surprises as well. Burn off excess energy today with a physical activity or doing something at home. What do you want that to be, Libra?


The Moon remains in Capricorn and in your 4th house, however it is also squaring Uranus in your 7th house of partnership. This configuration is emphasizing that while it is necessary to take care of your needs, allow yourself downtime to just rest and be more internal. It is as equally important that you don’t get so complacent and stuck in your habits and routines that you end up neglecting to put effort into your romantic partnership. Make sure that you are also tending to your lover’s needs and wants, and have the ability to compromise when needed. Also, learn how you can bring your partner into your personal/internal wold, in such a way that those two parts of your life don’t feel totally separate.


What’s your relationship to downtime? Do you lean more towards working so much and not allowing yourself enough time to rest? Ask yourself these questions today as the Moon is still in Capricorn and in your 4th house. It’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of work, work, work that you forget you’re a human being with limits! If you have the belief that you can’t afford to rest, because otherwise that would diminish your efficiency or productivity, I invite you to think about that more deeply. If you don’t allow yourself the time to unwind, recuperate and refill your energy reserves, how can you maintain the steam to stay motivated and productive? The Moon is squaring Uranus in your 7th house, inviting to evaluate your partnerships at work, and whether you have enough trust in them to help support you and take care of things in times when you need support.


Time to let loose, Libra! For the last month bountiful Venus has been moving through your foundational 4th House of home and family, and while she was here she may have released your inner Martha Stewart but otherwise she was keeping herself fairly under wraps. The 4th House of a pretty quiet place, so there’s only so much Venus can do to help you increase your net worth, but now she’s stretching and making moves into Aquarius and your expressive 5th House of creativity and glamour. For the next month you’ve got cosmic clearance to turn the universe into your art project, so get creative and show the world what you’ve got. Since this sector of your chart is all about courage and action don’t be scared to show off some talents you’ve been hiding away from the world; you stellar painting skills or way with words might be more financially rewarding than you ever thought.