Gemini Love Horoscope for Wednesday, October 02, 2019


There is a change in the air. You and your partner cannot put a finger on it or figure out where or in what. The change could be in you, your partner, your family and friends or the relationship. You do not know what it is, but think it could be a harbinger of news. It may also signify a change for your relationship or the impact on your family because of it. Right now you are worried because you do not know if it bodes well for you or not.

You and your partner aspire for everything to go well in your relationship. You two put the happiness of others before your own leading to a lot of good wishes for your relationship. People support you and your partner to be together and will assist you to make it happen. There might be a few destructive elements but they will be obvious to you and you will learn to avoid them. Your partner is very supportive of your decisions and supports you in all your endeavors. You, in turn care for him/her and work hard to protect his/her interests.

The change you are worried about is a positive change which will impact your life in a beneficial manner. After all, your love life has been on the same mode for a long time. A change will add a fresh zing to it and bring in more romance and longing in your love life.

Lucky colors – mustard yellow, pink
Lucky numbers – 3, 8, 18, 22, 30


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