Gemini Love Horoscope for Thursday,October 17, 2019


You and your partner have been having some misunderstandings lately. Although it has not been either’s fault, certain issues have been creeping up and you two have not been able to address them well. This has been causing minor rifts between you two. Today is a good day to make amends and fix everything.

You and your partner are extremely apart in case of mindsets. Although both of you try to compromise and understand, it somehow seems to make things worse. After all, you are new to a relationship and it takes time. What you have to rely on is your love and trust in each other. Getting used to is difficult and takes time, but what matters is that you are together and are ready to go the extra mile together. Your love makes life worth living and colorful. Instead of taking the tiffs as rifts, acknowledge them as learning experiences and take lessons from them to understand each other.

Today is a day for correcting mistakes. Take the day off and stay home with your partner. Spend the day indulging in activities together, from preparing food to helping clean the house. Talk everything out with your partner and reach a common understanding. It may not go smoothly but hold your peace and work it out. Stay away from thorny plants and flowers and sharp objects such as cutlery. It will be a good idea to wear light calm colors. For better luck, stay away from mirrors when handling issues with your partner.

Lucky colors – black, fir green
Lucky numbers – 7, 10, 15, 22, 34


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