Skyler Grey is a 19-year old rising star of the street arts from Los Angeles. Some compare him with Andy Warhol and his kind, while most refer to him as the Fresh Prince of Street Art. And now the Californian has got himself mixed with the automotive industry.

At the Lamborghini Lounge Monterey in California this week, visitors are greeted by a very special Aventador S in Arancio Atlas and with some very distinct markings on it. These markings are Grey’s work, commissioned by the Italian manufacturer on behalf of “an art collector.”

Painted by the artist at the carmaker’s shop in Sant’Agata Bolognese, the car retains its overall orange paintwork as a base for Grey’s ideas.

Using airbrushes, spray guns, rollers and stencils, the American went crazy and drew irregular brushstrokes in yellow, dark orange and white. He also used splashes of color and dripped paint onto the car.

On the right door, a large black bull that seems to come out right from the air intakes is a tribute to Lamborghini. For the connoisseurs, there even a reference to Warhol’s work 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans.

The interior has been updated as well. Shipped in Nero Ade leather with contrasting orange stitching, the inside is personalized on the rear panel with an embroidered image of a cartoon bull.

As said, the car was already purchased by an unnamed collector. To protect his car / work of art, the man asked Lamborghini to certify and protect it via blockchain. With the help of Salesforce the carmaker did, making this Aventador S the world’s first Lambo to be certified this way.

For those planning to see Grey’s latest work before it disappears into an unknown guy’s garage, the car will be on display at the Pebble Beach Golf Course in Monterey until August 18.