Cancer Love Horoscope for Tuesday, October 08, 2019


Today is a day to go bonkers! It is a good idea to explore your options and think of myriad ways to make your partner go crazy. Cupid is in the mood to have some fun and if you help, he can transform your day into a memorable one.You and your partner enjoy extreme stability in your love life. Everything seems to be going well exactly as you two had planned. You have set aside some plans for the future.

It is a commendable approach. Go ahead and spoil yourselves. Take a break from all the worrying and the speculation. Taking a vacation is a good idea. Try a scenic location like mountains. It is a good idea to abstain from water. Indulge in adventure sports like rock climbing. Today calls for adventure. Therefore try to steer clear of lazy and simple activities. Therefore, simple walks in the park or a movie are not feasible ideas today. Abstain from big decisions. This is a day that calls out to live in the moment. Also go for activities that expect a lot of interaction between you two.

Your partner is a very romantic and accommodating person. The spark that holds you together is the caring nature you two have for each other and that you put each other before yourselves in any matter. Today calls for a memorable day in the book of love you and your partner are writing together so that you can cherish this day for days and years to come.

Lucky colors – Indian red, deep violet
Lucky numbers – 2, 29, 38, 45


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