Cancer Love Horoscope for Thursday,October 17, 2019


You are full of charm and grace. You are the soul of the party. Your outgoing behavior and the ability to impress everyone is going to create a very favorable impression on your partner. So, if you were dreading a difficult social situation like meeting the parents of your partner, today is the perfect day for it.

Even those who were not in favor of your relationship will be forced to acknowledge that the two of you are good together. If your partner had not been very pleased with you on any issue in the recent days, then this is also the perfect day to make amends. You will be able to demonstrate your sincerity and the truth of your feelings now.There is no doubt that your partner loves you, but he/ she have never been very impressed with your social abilities.

Your partner tends to think that you are sincere and loving, but hardly the most charming, intelligent or gregarious person. So, your partner is going to be very surprised at the new avatar that you will appear in today. Your new persona may even be a little uncomfortable to your partner today initially, simply because it is so different from what you normally are and what your partner thinks you are. But your charm wins all today. You will soon be able to do away with any uncomfortable feeling that your partner may have and make him / her enjoy your companionship.

Lucky color: Red, pink, scarlet
Lucky number: 5, 7, 23


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