Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope,October 7 to October 13, 2019.


Weekly Love Horoscope

Aquarius, there could be an imbalance of energies this week. It could feel like you are always misunderstood even if your intentions are pure. Reconnecting with your closest friends may help pacify you. It is important to feel the support and love of those who care about you. When this is over, harmony will be restored. If there is one thing to be learned, it is to stay true with what your heart is telling you. There could be changes happening soon, Aquarius.

Single Aquarius, there may be new developments in the romance department for you. A breakthrough is on the horizon only if you are open for change and renewal. If you want to see improvements in the coming months, you need to do things differently starting today. Be open minded to accept the adjustments these will entail. Being reluctant can slow your progress. Enjoy getting acquainted with new people in your circle, Aquarius.

DAILY Love Horoscope,Oct 9, 2019.

What you want most from another person is to be the center of their universe. You adore being the one who hands out the cookies and decides just how many are eaten. Today, however, you may be forced to acknowledge that you are not be the focus point of another person’s life, and that they have other interests apart from you, which you sorely need to accept.


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