Snow… in September? Yes. While Mercedes was busy showing off the preview concept for the EQS and a bunch of SUVs in Frankfurt, its engineers were putting miles on the clock of the all-new S-Class.

Like the “normal” S-Class, the Maybach model sports a set of hidden door handles which could set it apart from luxury versions of the 7 Series or A8. But it’s no Rolls-Royce. On the other hand, it does sport an extra-long wheelbase which will allow the lucky passenger to stretch out his legs fully and enjoy his home away from home.

On top of the styling of the W223, which promises to look quite posh, the uber-S boasts a different grille and refreshed headlights in a style that’s similar to the Maybach GLS-Class, also undergoing testing right now.

Little is known about the engines which will power this car. However, Mercedes did trademark the Maybach S600 and S680 in North America. We’re pretty sure the less powerful of the two will be powered by the same 4-liter V8 as in the GLE 580, which is a mild-hybrid. However, since Mercedes doesn’t make V12s now, the S680 should be a plug-in V8 with somewhere about 600 horsepower. The downsizing and the SUV are sure to offend some people… which probably aren’t customers.

It’s easy to forget that China is the big driver behind this model, and the powertrains sold over there are certain to be much smaller. We’re talking as low as an “S400” six-cylinder model. A fully electric model can’t be excluded from this conversation either.

We have no idea how Maybach plans to step up its luxury game. However, it should be an all-knowing, all-seeing kind of car, since the “base S-Class” will should become the most advanced car made in Europe. Expect a full reveal next year.